Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blurp First Spline Test

My first spline pass on this guy.  I think some of the timing still feels not quite right, I'm going to mess around with it and see what other people say.  I do like this, though, its so much different than normal.

I was also at CTN last week and it was awesome as always :)  Got to say hi to Ted and sign up for his workshop in January.  He's going to kick my ass!  I'm trying something new to be more productive during the week to start getting ready for his class.  Instead of working out in the morning, I'm going to wake up, animate in the morning and then workout at night.  So far its been working well on the animating side, just gotta actually workout at night now!


JD's review:  www.jeandenis.net/workshop/so/video_feedback/leeann_karpel_0006.mp4

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blurp First Pass Blocking and Flash Animation Reel


JD's review here:  www.jeandenis.net/workshop/so/video_feedback/leeann_karpel_0005.mp4

Haven't posted much recently, the last couple of weeks were rough in that department.  Last week I restarted the hands piece due to a crap-ton of gimbal lock.  I needed to set it up much nicer and with more thought than I originally did.  So I didn't post that because it more or less looks the same as the others but less finished.

I was tired of the hands this week, so I went ahead and started blocking something more cartoony.  This was actually a lot of fun to do, I made all the poses and then timed them out.  Its a lot like how I do my flash animation at work.  Speaking of work animation, I went ahead and put together a flash reel of the stuff we've been doing lately.

Flash Demo Reel Fall 2013 from leeann karpel on Vimeo.